The 5PL Competence Center Ethics Charter - the basis for our actions


We work and act according to our following ethical principles. These ethics- principles serve as a guideline for our corporate culture.

We recognize that a sustained understanding of and adherence to our Ethical Principles by shareholders, directors, officers, and employees in the performance of their duties is the foundation for our success and continued growth as a company.

To implement these principles, all employees and shareholders are required to recognize and comply with the Code of Ethics.
Respect, duties and responsibilities to customers, employees and shareholders
  • Our understanding is that the existence and development of the company depends primarily on our customers.
  • We must always respect the contents of our customers and offer our services within the framework of our ethical charter - which are helpful and valuable to our customers.
  • We are committed to constantly working to create long-term and sustainable profitability for the company's shareholders and to recognizing our Ethics Charter in its impact on truthful and accurate information and manners.
Respect for the individual and employee development
  • For us, interactions internally and externally are always respectful.
  • Supervisors must always treat and develop employees fairly based on their individual abilities and performance.
  • All transactions must be accurately recorded by us in the Company's records and must not show false or misleading entries in the Company's accounts or financial statements. Likewise, we must not cause others to do so.
  • It is important to us that we contribute fully to the growth of the Company through professional development and creative contributions to the Company.
  • All transactions with suppliers must be conducted on the basis of the principles of free competition.
  • Every employee and shareholder has to build bilateral trust on the basis of fair and transparent transactions in order to realize medium- to long-term relationships with our customers, with each other as well as with our suppliers and business partners.
Establish transparent business relationships
  • It is mandatory for us to be transparent in the conduct of all business.
  • We must not accept or pass on any unlawful advantages that could potentially provide unlawful benefits to the company as well as to third parties.
Respect confidential and proprietary information of customers, the Company, suppliers and business partners
  • We may not misuse or misappropriate confidential or proprietary information of customers, the Company, suppliers and our business partners and/or use it for our own benefit or the benefit of third parties.
Compliance with applicable trade and competition laws
  • We are committed to complying with the laws of all countries, respecting applicable generally accepted business practices and customs. Our actions are always based on the principle of free competition.
Contribution to
the Community
  • We are committed to promoting positive change for the benefit of people, our related companies, the environment and the communities in which we do business.
  • At the same time, we strive to maintain and develop outstanding professional, operational and environmental standards, and to promote the development of innovative and high quality work practices.
  • It is important to us to understand all stakeholders' interests in a project in order to integrate business strategies and to achieve a positive and sustainable future for all stakeholders.
  • To implement our principles, all employees and shareholders – including those who have not directly participated in our Ethics Committee – are required to acknowledge and comply with them.